Open your offshore
bank account

At Roston PLC, we have established partnerships with banks in various countries worldwide, allowing us to offer comprehensive offshore company incorporation services alongside offshore bank account opening assistance in the jurisdiction of your preference. Our extensive experience spanning over a decade has equipped us with the necessary knowledge and skills to assist you in the most efficient and cost-effective manner when opening your offshore bank account. Our commitment to delivering exceptional banking services worldwide is supported by our team of experts who guide you through a careful step-by-step process with professional support.

        Country Bank Online Banking Personal Visit Credit Card Debit Card Initial Deposit
Belize Belize Bank $100,000
Caye International Bank Ltd. $300,000
Heritage Bank $200,000
Bahamas First Caribbean International Bank $300,000
Canada Royal Bank of Canada Contact us for details
Job Bank Canada $200,000 - 500,000
BMO Canada Contact us for details
Canadian Imperial Bank $100,000
USA Citi Bank $250,000
Bank of America $200,000
Standard Chartered Bank $500,000
Cyprus Hellenic Bank €50,000
Societe Generale Bank €50,000
Czech Air Bank €200,000
Creditas Bank €150,000
Czech Export Bank €100,000
Georgia Bank of Georgia $100,000
Liberty Bank $150,000
Latvia ABLV Bank €150,000
Baltic International bank €250,000
Malta HSBC Bank $200,000
Bank of Valetta $250,000
Hong Kong HSBC Bank $100,000
Hang Seng Bank Limited $150,000
Indonesia Bank Mandiri $100,000
Philippines CIMB Bank $180,000
Philippine National Bank $250,000
Singapore DBS Group $200,000


Document requirements

To ensure that your application meets the bank's requirements, we recommend the following documents:

  1. Proof of identity
  2. Proof of address
  3. (KYC) form
  4. Bank statements
  5. Bank reference letter
  6. CV of shareholder(s)/director(s)
  7. Tax information
  8. Financial statements
  9. Incorporation documents